Mobil Data (Taicang) Co., Ltd. (MDT) was registered in November 2006 as a "WFOE" (wholly foreign owned enterprise) in Taicang, Jiangsu. It is a 100% subsidiary enterprise of "Mobil Data Service International Ltd.", a trading company in Hong Kong.

The owners of Mobil Data are the German nationals Dietmar Schenk and Franz Geiger. The company specialises in custom made automatic and semi automatic machinery for customers of the automotive industry. Mobil Data designs and manufactures machines to customer's special needs.

Our staff is very experienced and has worked for many years with Mobil Data.

Our core competence is the development & design of custom made special equipment and the automation of technical processes. Manufacturing and assembly will be done in our own workshop. Installation & commissioning at customer's site, including quality assessment is part of our services.

Documentation is done in several languages including Chinese, English and German.

Purchasing, sales, warehouse management and accounting is done with our “Kingdee” ERP system. The company has import and export licenses.

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  • MDT is active as a supplier for mainly European customers with production plants setup in China.
  • MDT provides custom made equipment or machines for automatic or semi-automatic manufacturing processes.
  • MDT is an engineering company with first class production ability for mechanical and electrical systems.



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